Bringing Ideas To Life

About Me

Brand Development


Melissa gives speeches annually highlighting the importance of branding in today's world. She has helped many companies rebrand themselves for an ever changing market.

UX/UI Design


Melissa has 14 years of UX/UI Design experience. She has experience in wireframing, prototyping, testing, architecture, and app development.

Full Stack Web Development


Melissa has solid knowledge of the full stack. Technologies include: JavaScript, React, ReactNative, Vue.js, Meteor, Firebase, MongoDB, and more. 

What Clients Are Saying

Jon FIsher

Melissa has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her skill set combined with her ability to problem solve has been paramount to the success of our project to date. I would confidently refer her to any employer looking to hire.

Joseph Thull

Dear Ms. Lewis,

After spending 8 weeks working with you creating a web application from the ground up under your supervision, I can honestly say that working with you is a pleasant experience. Whether it be your casual tone that relaxes the working environment, or your ability to quickly and efficiently forward phone calls and communication messages, working with you has been both fast and precise.  I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Joseph Thull

Noah Tanner

It has been a pleasurable experience working with Melissa. As a leader she excels within the realms of planning and communication. Our attempts at communication have never been in vain as she always responds diligently. From the beginning Melissa has had a plan and has tried as hard as she could to get us to adhere to it. Even with some major bumps in the road caused by outside factors, she has still kept me and my team on track through them. Having Melissa on a team would prove to be beneficial to that team and the endeavors they hope to achieve. 

Jarrett Rupert

I think Melissa is a great boss. She allows for her workers to give input during meetings. She has been a great help in communicating between the development team and the heads of the operation. As for delegating tasks she does a great job at allowing people to work on tasks that they feel allow them to put forth the best work.


It was a pleasure working with Ms. Lewis over the course of 9 weeks. She displayed great communication skills, was a great mentor, and was great at relaying information back to my team. She taught me some valuable things to take with me into the workforce and issued some really great tips that helped me complete our project. She is a hard worker and very proficient in what she does. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

~ LoneSol

Anthony Martin

Melissa has helped me grow my business through providing me with a consistent web presence. The site she made for my members has been both robust and very helpful. I can keep in touch with all of my clients, keep all of their documents organized, and allows them to contact me in a simple and efficient way.

Past Projects


T Rose Bridal Shows

Brand refresh, UX, site testing, social media management, and custom graphics.

Solution Financial Solvers

Custom CRM web application. UX/UI, database, API. Built in React with a Firebase backend.


Served as the Experience and Software Architect for a sister application in development. Meteor and MongoDB stack. Complex API allowing the two applications to communicate. Also consulting on the UX revamp for the Ziing application.

Aces Aerospace

UX designer for the web based CRM application.

Brilliant Films

Branding, UX design, custom graphics, printed marketing materials.

Salt Lake City Starz

UX Team member. Did the high def design for the application.